Why do you practice kung fu?

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Why do you practice kung fu?

Post by jrubin on Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:55 pm

Most students in our school are college students, and since the majority of them leave the state for a few months we take the time to focus on our own goals. Those of us who stay here still practice together on a regular basis, but we all have our own focus.

Last week was our first week back in class. We have some new students, and we always ask them what they hope to get out of kung fu. It's interesting to hear their responses. Some people just want to learn how to fight, some want to build their confidence or get into shape, or they just think it would be cool. When I started I had a little experience in a few different styles and I wanted to try something different. Of course, I really enjoyed learning Vo Lam and I have many reasons to continue to practice. I practice because there is a lot that my practice has to teach me about myself, and I really enjoy the style. Since visiting the LA school I have been trying to improve chi flow, and retain the knowledge you shared with me while I was there.

Why do you practice kung fu?


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